The tools you find here are all HTML Applications (HTA). The code is written in VBscript, javascript, HTML and css. HTML Applications don't need to be compiled. This allows you to easily view and modify the source code to change the appearance and even the functionality.

All my products are distributed under the Gnu GPL Open Source License.

Please note that the tools and scripts are used at your own risk and come without guarantees!

Broken Profile Cleaner Release

I'm very proud of this little tool that removes broken Windows profiles. I've already encountered broken profiles in large Citrix server environments but also on private computers. The result is always the same – a temporary profile is loaded which doesn't save any user setting changes in Windows.

Broken profiles are mostly caused by users and IT-Administrators cleaning up disk space by removing profile folders.

DomainPCview 0.8 released

DomainPCview is now also up to date with the new responsive and dynamic user interface. It features the same sorting and filter box as DomainUserView has.

The Ping-functionality was removed as it was not practical in medium and large sized environments. It may come back in a different form.

It is now much easier to do customizations via the source code. For example if you want to show additional attributes.

DomainUserView 0.10.6 released

After more than six years, a new DomainUserView release is here.

I completely rewrote the code to handle most parts in JavaScript. This allows a more responsive and dynamic user interface where you can instantly sort, filter and search for users and specific attribute values. You can also fully customize the date shown by adding or removing AD LDAP-attributes to show exactly what you need. This and other settings are now saved in an INI-file.

ShareExport released

A new tool called ShareExport is available for download.

It lists local file and printer shares and lets you export them to a Registry (.reg) file. For every share, following information is displayed: name, path, comments, connection limit, type, offline files settings and if it has permissions set.
This makes it an ideal tool for migrating or backing up file and print servers with many shared items.

UninstStr 0.6 released

A new version of UninstStr is out now. It contains many improvements and a lot more uninstall commands.

This is my first tool with a JavaScript-based table and filter that I originally developed for the DomainUserView tool, which in turn isn't quite ready yet for release. Be patient.

IPv6-Converter 1.0

I released a small tool called IPv6-Converter which converts an IPv6 address so that it can be used to access an UNC or HTTP resource.

Print Mgr 0.6 released

I released a new version of Print Mgr which includes many fixes, a new button to view the printer preferences and a new option which allows you to view only the commands.

It should be a great help if you need to automate printer management tasks.

Windows 10 Commands

All Commands have been tested on a Windows 10 Pro (build 10240) system. Some are no longer valid on the new OS but most still are.

New commands will be added in the coming weeks and months.

Mobile Usability Site Update

The site has been updated to support mobile and other devices with small screens. It's not perfect but I hope it has become a lot more user-friendly than before.

Let me know if you experience any issues.

Uninst 0.4 released

I released UninstStr which I created a long time ago and has proven to be useful a lot of times, especially when working in software deployment.

  • UninstStr
  • It lists uninstall-commands of installed applications.

New Tools and Updates

In the past few months I released some new tools:

  • ASCII-Converter
  • To convert ASCII characters and text to Binary, Hex and vice versa.
  • XCOPY Frontend
  • A graphical user interface for XCOPY - the default command line tool in Windows for file and directory copying.
  • RDP History
  • To manage the server entries displayed in the drop-down list of Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe).

I also updated the AD Tools: DomainUserView 0.8 and DomainPCView 0.5.5.

DomainUserView 0.7 out now

A new version of DomainUserView (formerly known as Domain-Users) is available for download.

One of the main features of this release is the inclusion of Contacts. Now it is also possible to filter and sort by category to get a better overview. Furthermore the export features improved along with many bug fixes. Check it out.

DomainPCview release

I finally launched my new tool for Domain Administrators. DomainPCview lets you to get a quick overview of Servers and Computers in the current Domain.

Print Mgr 0.5 release & Domain users update

A new tool to manage Printers is available for Download. More information about Print Mgr 0.5 can be found here.

Domain users 0.6 released. Now also users in OUs are displayed.

Shutdownr 0.1 released

Shutdownr is available for download. It allows you to shutdown, reboot or log off computers.

The first tools are ready to download

I'm proud to present you my first tools:

Still work to do

The first tools are ready to download. I'm planning to release many, more or less useful tools and scripts in the near future. Be patient …

I'm still working on the page. So any feedback, suggestions and other tips, regarding the page and tools are always welcome.