DomainUserView 0.10.7


DomainUserView is an extremely useful tool for all IT-administrators and power users, who want an overview of all users and contacts in the domain.

This utility queries the Active Directory for users and contacts. It lists them along with a lot of information in an interactive table.
Locked and disabled users can be filtered and are displayed in different colors to quickly identify them. Locked users can easily be unlocked if you have the rights.

You can fully customize the view for your individual needs by adding or removing LDAP-attributes that you use in your AD.

The whole table can be exported as HTML- or CSV-file and viewed for example with MS Excel or Open Office.

Attention: Internet Explorer might get to its limit when loading too many attributes in large environments (1500+ Users) or when loading large images from AD.

Try to limit the attributes loaded to increase the experience.



Known Issues:


Windows XP or later

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